Seed for Sidoarjo – Resurrecting the Ground Zero

by alima_s, May 11, 2017

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Public – Competition

SEED for SID project offers a self sustaining program, both for the restoration of the site and also to relieve the green environment of the toxic gas, thus creating the green sustaining function is vital. We will rebuild villages lost due to the mud, relocated upward, on the platforms, there will be housing complexes with lush greeneries and farms, built with hydroponic and aeroponics.

In this Project, not only the aim is to rejuvenate the environment, but to also induce economic sustainability that is lost from the disaster, the project will be a tourism centre for east java. Economics sustainability will be achieved by the workshops to produce building materials from the mud itself, where research had found that they can be made into roofs and bricks. Tourism will also add as an income for there will be hotels and restaurants up above, viewing on the horizons of sidoarjo, Public parks and public spaces will be spread a top platforms, creating clean fresh air for healthy environment.

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